De-centering Men and Strengthening Your Relationship The Good, The Bad, The Family

Why are men most often at the center of our lives, on a personal, professional, and systemic level? In this episode I dive into the dynamics many couples and families struggle with when it comes to managing the emotions of the men in their life to create safety, how awareness on gender dynamics can impact your relationship, and what can couples do to create meaningful and lasting change.  I am joined by Angela Porter, LPCC and Celia Beaty, LPCC, two incredible therapists that have years experience working with couples and families.  Live in New Mexico or Florida? Looking for marriage counseling or family therapy? Schedule Today!   Follow So You Never Miss A Thing! Instagram TikTok   What you can expect from Season Four of The Good, The Bad, The Family All or nothing thinking The “fix it” mentality  Is it Unhealthy to Romanticize Men? Teaching Consent Young Dating Apps in your 30s/40s – What’s going on with men? Men in sports Power and Control How to navigate porn: when raising boys, when dating men   We're going to have a lot of Tea Time with special guests!  Make sure you Subscribe to our Podcast and never miss an episode!   Music Credit: From Uppbeat:    

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