Loving Men | Hating the Patriarchy The Good, The Bad, The Family

We're back and opening SEASON FOUR with a conversation on patriarchy!  Join me and my husband, Nathan Lucero, as we explore what it's like to be a man, raise three boys, and explore the relationship we have to the patriarchal system and how it impacts our very important community!   Follow So You Never Miss A Thing! Instagram TikTok   References from This Episode: The Opposite Of Toxic Masculinity is Personhood TikTok Matriarchy is a Whole Different System TikTok   What you can expect from Season Four of The Good, The Bad, The Family De-centering Men from your life All or nothing thinking The “fix it” mentality  Is it Unhealthy to Romanticize Men? Teaching Consent Young Dating Apps in your 30s/40s – What’s going on with men? Men in sports Power and Control How to navigate porn: when raising boys, when dating men   We're going to have a lot of Tea Time with special guests!  Make sure you Subscribe to our Podcast and never miss an episode!   Music Credit: From Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/soundroll/enlightenment

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